Collection & Shipping

We currently offer two options for receiving your purchase...


 When is collection available? 

Collection is available every second weekend on the Saturday after our fortnightly plant release. Collection times are limited to between 12pm – 2pm. You can confirm when our next collection day at the 'check out' stage.

Where is collection from? 

Collection is from our private home in Lindisfarne, Tasmania (near Hobart). You will be advised of the address upon checking out.

** Please note that, as a home based business, we are strictly open only on the date/time specified. Unfortunately, alternate collection dates/times are not available so if the next collection date/time does not suit you, please select shipping when checking out. If for any reason you are unable to collect your order as scheduled, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can work out a suitable shipping method for you (fees are applicable). **


We ship to most of Australia, excluding WA and the NT (due to biosecurity laws). [NOTE: Shipping to mainland Australia has been temporarily paused due to extreme shipping delays caused by Covid-19].

To keep our costs as low as possible, we have 3 x delivery 'zones'...


$10 Flat Rate


$15 Flat Rate


$25 Flat Rate


Shipped via courier. Shipped via courier. Tassie orders are shipped via courier, and interstate orders are shipped via courier or AusPost.
Timeframe Once shipped, orders sent to postcodes in Zone 1 will usually take 1-2 days to be delivered. Once shipped, orders sent to postcodes in Zone 2 will usually take 1-4 days to be delivered (varies depending on your location). Once shipped, orders sent to postcodes in Zone 3 will usually take up to 5 days to be delivered (varies depending on your location).
Postcodes 7000, 7004-7011, 7015-7019, 7021, 7025, 7030 (inc. only Bridgewater, Brighton, Gagebrook, Granton & Herdsmans Cove), 7050-7053, 7054 (inc. only Howden & Margate), 7055, 7170-7172
7109 (inc. only Huonville), 7140 (inc. only New Norfolk), 7173, 7212, 7248-7250, 7253, 7258, 7262, 7270, 7276, 7277, 7290, 7291, 7300, 7301, 7303, 7307 (inc. only Latrobe), 7310, 7315, 7316, 7320, 7322
7012, 7020, 7022-7024, 7026, 7027, 7030 (exc. Bridgewater, Brighton, Gagebrook, Granton & Herdsmans Cove), 7054 (exc. Howden & Margate), 7109 (exc. Huonville), 7112, 7113, 7116, 7117, 7119, 7120, 7139, 7140 (exc. New Norfolk), 7150-7155, 7162, 7163, 7174-7180, 7182-7187, 7190, 7209-7211, 7213-7216, 7252, 7254, 7259-7261, 7263-7265, 7267, 7268, 7275, 7292, 7302, 7304-7306, 7307 (exc. Latrobe), 7321, 7325, 7330, 7331, 7466-747 and the rest of Australia (exc. WA and the NT)


When are orders sent? 

All delivery orders are sent once a week on Monday. The cut-off for each Monday's delivery-run is 8pm the day before, i.e. Sunday. Orders placed after 8pm on Sunday will not be sent until the following Monday.

The reason that we send all of our orders on a Monday is to allow plenty of time for delivery during the week. However, in rare circumstances (usually only for Zone 3 deliveries) your order may still be in transit over the weekend. If this occurs, please do not worry - 99.99% of the time your plant will arrive early the next week in perfect condition and the extra time in transport will not have effected it.

How are orders packed? 

We pack all orders very carefully to protect your plants during their journey. We also send all of our plants in their plastic nursery pots to avoid any unnecessary stress to your new plants.

We have found that our plants post extremely well; however, some slight cosmetic damage can occur during transit and we can unfortunately not take responsibility for such damage as it foreseeable. In the unlikely event that your plant arrives with more than slight cosmetic damage (or is otherwise worse for wear) please contact us via email at for assistance. For certain plants that are particularly fragile, we only offer shipping on the proviso that you take full responsibility for any damage that may occur to the plant in transit - where this applies, we make it clear in the product's description, so please ensure that you read the product descriptions carefully. 

Do I need to be home when my order is delivered? 

Whilst it is unnecessary for you to be at home when our courier/AusPost delivers your order, we can unfortunately not take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged deliveries once they have been left by the courier/AusPost. If you are not at home, our courier/AusPost will leave your delivery on your doorstep or in another suitable location - if you have a convenient hiding spot, please let us know in the order notes at the 'check out' stage or send us an email to 

How does the 'MOREPLANTS' promo code work?

We have a promo code that allows you to 'add to your order' (i.e. place a 2nd or 3rd order) before the cut off (at 8pm on Sunday) for each Monday's delivery-run without having to pay for shipping again - just enter the promo code MOREPLANTS at the checkout and it will remove the shipping fee. 

Please note that we monitor the use of this promo code and hope that everyone can use it in the way it is intended. It is not intended to be used to get free shipping on your first order that you place in that shipping cycle (8pm Sunday - 8pm Sunday) and orders that misuse the promo code are likely to be cancelled.