Monstera Dubia
Monstera Dubia

Monstera Dubia

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Rooted cuttings in damp spaghnum moss; will be sent in container (the same container as pictured, but with a lid that has a ventilation hole). Each tub contains at least 2 cuttings.

The cuttings will last for some time in the container if you keep the spaghnum moss moist (not wet) and the lid on. Open every day or two to ensure ventilation. Also make sure that the cuttings receive adequate light (a windowsill is a good location, as long as it doesn't get too cold).

As a shingling plant, they grow up tree trunks in their natural environment. For this reason, the cuttings should ideally be mounted on timber, bark or a spaghnum moss pole so that their leaves can shingle to the surface and increase in size. Once mounted, they continue to require high humidity and indirect light to thrive. They do not rely on 'soil roots' to grow, however the base of the plant should generally be planted in an aroid potting mix. If you're stuck on how to mount a shingling plant, check out YouTube as there are heaps of great tutorials on how to do this.

*Actual plant may vary from photo, but will be of similar size and appearance*

Repotting of this plant should be avoided until your plant is established. For decorative purposes, we suggest placing the nursery pot inside a slightly larger 'cover' pot, at least until mid-late Spring. This will help to give your new plant the best start in life, without causing it any uncessary shock and damage to its root structure.

For any specific care queries, please don't hesitate to ask.

We offer two options for receiving your purchase:

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  2. Delivery (via a courier) - rates are between $10 - $25, depending on your location. 

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