Monstera 'Monkey Mask' (large 17cm basket)
Monstera 'Monkey Mask' (large 17cm basket)

Monstera 'Monkey Mask' (large 17cm basket)

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17cm hanging basket pot. 

Grown by us, these beauties are potted in a premium potting mix ready for you to enjoy in your home. Note that 'Monkey Mask' is a different variety to the commonly found 'Adansonii'; it has large leaves and grows more 'bushy' and has less of a vining habit. Perfect if you love the look of 'Adansonnii' but don't want to have to tame an out of control vine inside.

*Actual plant may vary from photo, but will be of similar size and appearance*

Repotting of this plant should be avoided until your plant is established. For decorative purposes, we suggest placing the nursery pot inside a slightly larger 'cover' pot, at least until mid-late Spring. This will help to give your new plant the best start in life, without causing it any uncessary shock and damage to its root structure.

For any specific care queries, please don't hesitate to ask.

We offer two options for receiving your purchase:

  1. Collection from private home in Lindisfarne (FREE)
  2. Delivery (via a courier) - rates are between $10 - $25, depending on your location. 

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