Sustee 'Watering Checker' (White)
Sustee 'Watering Checker' (White)
Sustee 'Watering Checker' (White)
Sustee 'Watering Checker' (White)
Sustee 'Watering Checker' (White)

Sustee 'Watering Checker' (White)

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Are you killing your plants by being too generous on the watering side of things? Or do you sometimes forget to water your plants? Then the Sustee ‘watering checker’ is perfect for you!

This clever little device tells you when to water your plant and when not to. The Sustee is designed to live in your plant, unlike other watering checkers. Because the Sustee stays in place, it does not disturb your plant's growing roots. 

How does it work?

Simply pop the Sustee into your pot plant, leaving the top one-third of the device exposed above the potting mix. 

After about 10 minutes, check the colour of the Sustee indicator panel. The Sustee absorbs moisture at the plant's root level (just like your plant), and the indicator will become blue when there is more moisture. 

You will know it's time to water when the colour changes from blue to white. 


It is important to use the correct size Sustee for your plant. 

- Size small is suited to 6-9cm pots
- Size medium is suited to 10.5-18cm pots
- Size large is suited to 18-36cm pots


We offer two options for receiving your purchase:

  1. Collection from private home in Lindisfarne (FREE)
  2. Delivery (via a courier) - rates are between $10 - $25, depending on your location. 

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